Hello Camping Friends!

Halloween Weekend is only weeks away!! Below is important information about the weekend that we want everyone to know about so you can plan properly!

We will be selling pumpkins again this year. Each large pumpkin will be $7.00 each. If you would like us to hold a pumpkin for you, we are ready to take your orders starting today and will stop accepting orders at 6:00 PM on October 4th.

Activities: We will be doing activities on Saturday and Sunday. All activities and times will be posted on our chalkboard in front of the store.

Saturday night will be the costume contests, and then trick or treating will immediately follow.

Trick or Treat Night: We will have between 125 and 150 children trick or treating, so please plan your candy accordingly. In many cases, this is the only time many of these children are able to enjoy trick or treating, so we want them to enjoy visiting as many sites as possible. Please participate in having your site decorated and candy-equipped!

Costume Contest: Make one, borrow one, or buy one! Either way, get your costumes ready!
First place will win a prize!
Categories will be Best Duo, Best Group, and Best Original. If we do not have enough participants for a particular category, that category will be excluded.

Doggie Costume Contest: Show off your adored pup! Let him/her shine with lots of applause and attention and even a doggie treat for participation.

Site Decorating Contest: The two categories you will be voting for are the best daytime decorated site and the best nighttime decorated site, so break out those Halloween decorations! Not only do the little ones get to fully enjoy seeing and experiencing the decorations, it may also win you a prize!

Best Carved Pumpkin: Purchase a pumpkin from us or bring your own, but either way, get carving! The best-carved pumpkin will win a prize. We will place all your participating pumpkins on the store porch and place a candle inside of it to be lit at night, so please make sure the inside is cleaned out.

If you would like to reserve a pumpkin or have any questions, please  call the office at 603.788.4509 or visit our chat option on our website.