Just because you are looking to escape the rush of big city life doesn’t mean you want to give up all of your creature comforts. The staff at Mountain Lake Campground understands this. That is why we have an assortment of amenities for those coming to enjoy riverside camping in Lancaster, NH, with us.

The fact you are reading this means you require a break from the daily grind. An outdoor escape is a great choice because it can be fun and relaxing. Whether you have children or it is you and your spouse, you can have an enjoyable time in the right location. If you are a camping veteran or new to the activity, you may be wondering why you should choose our resort over other family campgrounds.

“Roughing it” does not mean you have to give up all the comforts of home like you would with a family boot camp. We think a camping resort should provide some of the things that most call necessities.

Whether you are staying in a tent, one of our community camps, or in your own RV, you are going to find plenty of amenities that are sure to make your stay with us more enjoyable. Not only are our grounds kept exceptionally clean, but so are all of our bathrooms and showers.

As you can see, we provide various essentials on-site because we focus on ensuring your comfort. However, we know that many of our visitors also like to participate in activities to socialize and have fun. And we do not think you should have to go somewhere else for recreation when you stay at a campground.

Looking for things to do around the campground? Come and enjoy our large pool, lake swimming, recreational hall, playground, and super-sized chessboard. Need some snacks or supplies? We have an on-site variety store that has almost everything you’ll need to enjoy your trip.

Accommodations for RVs

Hitting the open road in a recreational vehicle is the ideal getaway for retired couples and families. You can set your schedule and see as much of the country as you choose. It is also an economical way to travel because you handle transportation and lodging in one vehicle even if you stop at family campgrounds.

Staying in your own RV sometimes requires its own unique set of accommodations. Luckily, we can provide them to you. Our RV sites don’t just overlook our beautiful lake, but they also come with your choice of water and electric hookups or water-only hookups. Contact us today to learn more about availability and book your stay.